Friday, May 21, 2010

Deleterioius effects of gays in the military?

Deleterious effects of gays in the military – nothing to do with homophobia?

Human males (gay and straight) instinctively think in the third person – the only way to bring home the bacon when we depended on co-operative hunting for day-to-day survival. Fangs all gone (roots left above and below eye teeth – ask dentist :-]) – no claw vestige at all – two feet. Sharp sticks and clubs could not make up all these deficits. Taking home a decent carcass took cooperation on the inbred level of a newly hatched chick taking the first thing it sees for its mother.

Such cooperation can require an -- inbred, midbrain based, innate -- kind of identification with fellow pack members that cannot sit side-by-side with your fellow being more interested in cooperating in an act a Greenwich Village fellow once beckoned to me from a doorway as “physiologically constructive and esthetically pleasing.” How much so-called camaraderie would a gay trooper likely feel sharing a foxhole with a “creepy” female who burned to “make pain” with him more than anything else? This is about human males – not just heterosexual males.

Oddly enough – instinct which I have no control over – if I knew a fellow trooper was gay I could totally ignore it as long as he stayed in deep in the closet. But, once he came out everything would feel too much like a date (not to everybody but to many or most – to the most sensitive; not the other way around?).

Most gays in the military understand this without the sociobiology (like Kansas in reverse) and would not come out if legally allowed to. Around 1997 an article in the now defunct San Francisco magazine “City Lights” reported only one gay firefighter had come out in the San Francisco Fire Department. What is truly deleterious to gays in uniform is forcing outed gays out of uniform. There is room somewhere in our giant military where the outed wont detract from performance or (third person thinking) morale .

Gay marriage? Under constitutional equal protection civil unions represent separate but equal status. Once courts make this little insight there is only one way equal protection can go in 2010. Denial of normal marriage status is what most gays consider the most deleterious to them. Just don’t kick out the outed from the armed services.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Latest thoughts on the sociobiology of school corporal punishment

Latest thoughts on the sociobiology of school corporal punishment (made from emotional equivalents, not direct definition -- what I do):

Can anyone imagine a school principal demonstrating paddling using an adult volunteer and hitting for maximum pain over and over? Forget the crazily unlikely circumstance; the point is it would INARGUABLY be too terrible an act to carry out (might be a crime -- even with a volunteer) -- ipso facto a terrible act to carry out on any person...
...which should make it inarguably a terrible act to carry out on a child. That is what all the antis are protesting about.

Especially when a child did not do anything terribly wrong: the 16 year old boy in the famous truTV video had a silly day losing track of time escorting a young girl to her class before trying to make it on time across a large campus to his class -- showing up a tiny bit late five times.
But something (sociobiology) coverts the vicious beating into everyday punishment in the mind of the school administer (only comparison I can come up with so far: enemy soldier) -- while on the other side of his midbrain (not forebrain) repeated lateness seems terribly important. To recap: the terribly important seems terribly unimportant and the terribly unimportant seems terribly important to the administrator of the beating -- not to the recipient who may terribly resent the administrator for the rest of his life (at least once he acquires grown up perspective).
More strange sociobiology (only way I can explain it) to do with paddling students:
If everyone else in my school chose (objectively terrible) paddling over (objectively unterrible) detention so would I -- too. Even though I couldn't eat or sleep for the week leading up to it -- even though I could put up with (in my actual case yet another hour :-]) of detention -- although I would never dream of choosing paddling left only to myself -- if everybody else choose paddling so would I too. And I am not talking anything to do with proving yourself tough; that would not inform me at 66 years old.

Is this some dumb form of dumb instinct to share whatever hardship the group suffers -- whatever -- no complaining? ???

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to painlessly eliminate butter and salt from breakfast

How to painlessly eliminate salt from your eggs and butter from your breakfast bread: just mix a bite of each in your mouth and the bread will give flavor to your flavorless eggs and the egg will add moisture for swallowing to your dry bread (an occasional sip of water may help out).

Got to check out that patent law.

How to remove new Goggle sidebar -- automatically

How to remove new Google sidebar -- automatically:

Just download and -- no more sidebar -- you don't even have to do anything! :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

I was mugged in NYC and I turned out all right. (corporal punishment school paddling)

I was mugged in NYC and I turned out all right. If I met him again I wouldn't even want to break his arm.


If I met my 5th grade brother who was only going to paddle me in the 5th grade (same: he dedicated his life to work for me for free thing) I would refuse to speak to him because he was going to beat me. I was so terrified I wore six pairs of underpants to school that day and I guess that amused him so I didn't get beaten so badly I could still remember it like it happened yesterday.

What happens when you become an adult is that you realize the you were violently beaten (almost always the MOST PHYSICALLY PAINFUL EXPERIENCE OF A PERSONS LIFE) for NO REASON AT ALL.

The thing to try to get people to understand is not the more than occasional light psychological damage or the occasional severe harm -- or how it affects 12 years of childhood development knowing you can be beaten for normal imperfect behavior -- not for breaking school windows...
...It is not even the IMMEDIATE violence itself which is all you need to be charged with a crime if you deliberately inflict hellacious pain (the thing about a paddle is the broad area of the instrument and the broad fleshy area of the target free the adult to swing for absolute maximum pain) on an adult...
...If you can just get people to understand that the violence is for no reason -- not doing your work never gets an adult a painful as possible beating, then, you can automatically win the issue because that is the way we are wired automatically to think. Being late is just not a beating offense.

NO REASON -- THAT IS THE KEY TO THE WHOLE ISSUE. Repeat: NO REASON. If I had done something really wrong like breaking windows or spray painting lockers I would not resent these two brothers today (though beating could have been a big mistake if the behavior were linked to serious pathology -- no more rare than alcoholism or delinquency itself).

PS. For all the shocking stories about priests molesting children (the active ingredient is "failed adults" who cannot make it with their own age -- read the book "Scout's Honor" by Patrick Boyle -- not celibacy or homosexuality) you never hear of priests paddling students. Why? The priests at my high school heard confessions. They knew the REALLY bad things we were doing (on a weekly basis?). They could not possibly take playing hooky or not doing homework -- or simply forgetting to bring it -- the slightest bit seriously -- as something that is seriously ethically wrong -- which of course is what every paddle swinger (who is not a pervert) is positively convinced it is.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Holocaust; Shmolocaust? Would Israel be willing to threaten...

Holocaust; Shmolocaust? In the coming nuclear armed Middle East would Israel be willing to threaten...

...all human life on earth to protect its purloined olive groves and overextended, over crowded residential housing developments -- if it had the thermonuclear technology to build a Dr. Strangelove style doomsday machine? The way Israel lives today, half its population might take a quick exit -- quickly followed by other half -- should the Arabs or the Persians leave behind to be discoverd an unexploded nuke in some back alley in Tel Aviv.

Back in the 60's I read that a weapon of total destruction (WTD) could be constructed by putting a shell of cobalt around a thermonuclear bomb (everyday reading fare back when I could watch a B-52 shoot 600 mph at 500 feet over my apartment house in the Bronx in that year's Operation Skyshield).

Eighth grade math can show that half of today's Israel's conventional military could shrug off any Arab conventional invasion (ex., 3000 NATO quality tanks can hold off three times as many equal quality on defense and maybe twenty times as many Arab tanks! -- the Arabs possess 5000). Then there's those hundreds of nukes.

If half of the same billions invested by Israel (and the US!) in Israel's wildly overbuilt military (no partner for peace?; more like no opponent for war) in profit making industries, then, a few million Israelis could by now have bought as much semi-desirable West Bank and Gaza real estate (from a few million delighted Palestinians) -- without the extra cost being the biggest instigator of a clash between Christian and Islamic billions -- and without the extra cost of condemning future generations of Jews in Israel and around the world (about half live each in Israel and the US) to join German children living down the sins of their ancestors...

...and without the danger of making the phrase "smart Jew" -- in the case of the Israeli half anyway -- become an oxymoron.

Maybe Israel could build a pretend doomsday machine; it needn't have the thermonuclear technology; it could just bluff. No; the US would be forced to bomb any such construction. Better Israel sheds the delusions of a self-important teenage street gang and matures into a grownup entity.