Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mandatory union RE-certification after one year, three years or five years — plurality rules

Steal a big page from Republicans anti-union book of tricks.  In Wisconsin for instance government employee unions are forced to re-certify every year -- majority of members required, not just of voters. 
A near future (fingers crossed) Democratic Congress can pass legislation requiring first time certification or re-certification labor union elections at every workplace every so many years.

Consider this additional feature: part of election choice can be whether members wish mandatory re-certification after one year, three years or five years — plurality rules.

This extra choice could facilitate “yes” votes at high union-doubter workplaces and dispense with the most rancorous potential arguing because pro-union can always say to union-worriers: ”Try it for a year -- can't hurt."

(Government employees left outside NLRA election structure.  Wisconsin intent should be clearly recognized as unconstitutional pressure on freedom of assembly -- no other purpose possible for such an over-extreme requirement.  Courts say First Amendment protects government worker organizing but not their right to bargain.)

Why Not Hold Union Representation Elections on a Regular Schedule?
November 1st, 2017 – Andrew Strom