Friday, May 27, 2016

Transgender bathrooms — it’s not just about plumbing.

The arrogance of academic liberals who just because they think German or old Tahitian expect American women to just forget their greatest fears and allow a previously unimaginable privacy invasion because the elite left (some voluble ones anyway) think they shouldn’t care.

And always remember — as incidents reported from locker rooms to dressing rooms around the country are starting show up — that the bigger part of this ideology is that NO QUESTIONS may be asked of any male entering the previously out-of-bounds area — lest anyone feel humiliated. Incidents being of males being found in all places, offering no explanation why they are there, and employees in charge explaining that they cannot ask questions.

The following may seem snarky — it is not; I fully understand the suffering of the transgender — it is just one of those “balloon pop” connections. To wit: if transgender females are so perfectly matched in their brains, why do they not understand why other females are abhorrence of their male endowed selves invading the previously sacred precincts. Just like I wonder how many still physical males are sexually attracted to females (like Bruce!). Purely scientific curiosity (I am hung up on motives).

In Palatine, Illinois one high school girl seems to complain that the physical boy can in fact view the girls while going to and from the locker room: “There is no towel over his eyes.” So what’s next: transgender female athletic coaches? Would be consistent.

As far as I can tell Obama would rather trans girls be naked in the locker with the other girls rather than be denied access altogether, if that were the choice. (CHASE EVERYBODY TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CLOWNS — YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT OUR LIVELIHOODS ANYWAY.)

The Southern states have something right for once. The liberal elite cannot possibly just revoke tens of billions of dollars from education throughout the country — impossible. $5 million was the threat to junk education in Palatine. Shouldn’t there be reaction against that? The Republicans would probably like to see federal money sucked out of education anyway. HELP THE REPUBLICANS IN EVERY WAY, WHY DON’T YOU?!

Rch/poor country workers -- in different labor markets

Re: Social-democratic vs market-friendly progressivism – Lane Kenworthy

Hill and Bern can add a truly free LABOR MARKET to their agenda.

A 50% poor-country/50% rich-country workforce (Chicago work-force? – useful approximation) whose pay level set by collective bargaining – will have a higher level of pay than a 100% rich-country workforce whose pay is set by what I call “subsistence-plus.”
Subsistence-plus means what Karl Marx would have recognized (Teamster vet here: we are looking for good capitalist contracts; we are not looking for class enemies): bottom pay is set at the bottom tolerance level below which nobody will show up …

… $400/wk for poor country/$800/wk for rich (just to concoct a not too far off approximation to use) – e.g., foreign born taxi drivers/American born (that’s me) which latter will no longer show up for 60 grueling hours. Neither will the Crips and the Bloods who, if supermarket were paying the $800 they used to, would be stacking shelves instead of looking out for cops (that’s 100,000 out of my guesstimate 200,000 Chicago gang-age, minority males – at any one time!).

A 50-50% labor market whose pay is set by subsistence-plus – or at least a combo of subsistence-plus and collective bargaining – will not clear. A huge drop out of rich country workers will result – more or less permanently (street gangs, whatever missing American born cab drivers do now ??? I’m retired at 72).

I repeat: A 50% poor-country/50% rich-country workforce (Chicago work-force? – useful approximation) whose pay level set by collective bargaining – will have a higher level of pay than a 100% rich-country workforce whose pay is set by what I call “subsistence-plus.”
because I think this particular formulation will stick in human male heads which too quickly (instantly) vaporize any idea that is too far from current (hunting pack?) practice – doesn’t even get out the other ear. I think this formulation will stick.

And maybe Hill and Bern can add a truly free LABOR MARKET to their agenda.

(I’m just starting to work on the above – not even a first draft – but I am always over-anxious.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Introducing: my new "circadian rhythm " diet

For readers obsessed with my personal life I present my new circadian rhythm diet.

I usually ate 5 small meals a day -- Type II diabetic.  I could easily have skipped one if not for -- don't get much pleasure from eating; a waste of time like sleeping -- if not for the energy drain that sent me to fridge.

Last week I missed the noon meal.  Didn't realize it until next day when I found the food out ready to cook.  Never noticed.  Repeated that day.  No problem; no drain.

Then I put that together with my bounce back time which comes around 12:30PM, 1;30PM.  That's when, no matter how tired I might feel when I wake up, I bounce back to normal.  Seems that can get me past any food energy need until 3PM.

If I were a doctor I could probably write a book about this.  :-0

Anyway I lose about a pound for every missed 320 calorie meal.  Maybe somebody else out there in the vastness can make use of this. 

Gender neutral experiment: re-make the men's room only

I read on Fox News online how Megyn Kelly “blew up” the governor of Texas by showing that transgender males using female bathrooms has not led to any more crime in schools where it has been introduced.

But the primary issue is not crime — privacy is the giant day-to-day issue — even if there were never any crime involved at all. A transgender woman with male parts still intact who is sexually attracted to women is feels no different to women than any other male. Think the former Bruce Jenner — who reportedly is still interested in women. There is a case in a high school in Palatine, Illinois where the girls are up in arms — not about crime — but about a transgender boy using the locker room where they get undressed.

I know transgender is a trying condition. 19 times the suicide rate according to a New York Times story.

And I understand they feel degraded being forced to use bathrooms other than the sex they perceive themselves to be — I understand. Which gives me a desperate idea to resolve the issue. Leave women’s bathrooms women’s bathrooms. Re-model all male bathrooms into gender neutral — hopefully relieving the subjective feeling.

I said this is desperate. Anything is better — infinitely better — than allowing any physical male (including cab drivers in a hurry) to use the female facilities just by claiming (true or not!) gender dysphoria. In a San Francisco school district 1% claim gender dysphoria. Children have no reason to make up crazy stories. That’s a lot of outwardly male-appearing males to use the facilities (and then come the cab drivers in a hurry and the men’s is out of order).

This setup would not last for long I predict. Men at the local stadium would probably be irked by women using the (busy so presumably safe) men’s room rather than waiting on long lines (when you got to go you got to go. Men are much more intolerant of intrusion (even if they have infinitely less to lose). Remember mister “Don’t touch my junk!” Experimenting with the men will give a realistic idea of the kind of gross privacy intrusion you are really facing with gender neutral restrooms in public as opposed to a controlled school environments.

In the comments to one Yahoo News report is the story of a NYC public rec center where the high school swim team girls are afraid to use the locker room and shower since a very man-appearing man was spotted coming out in towel. Now all 18 of them crowd into the single spigot family shower. A crucial part of the works is that nobody may question in any way anybody who uses the neutral facility — open city. That’s the reality. Better it be experienced first by men — then we will see what happens.

Meantime the letter of the law at the airport is that once you enter the security zone you may not leave even if on opposite gender TSA agents are there to frisk you.

If you want to play gender-doesn’t-matter then take a look at police forces across the country who mostly all train their males that there is nothing illegal about them frisking females all over — even if policy (supposedly not law) suggest limits — and what-do-you-think-of-that? A women checked for guns — which you can do without touching anywhere with fingers — is not going to do the Houdini and slip the cuffs, then do an Incredible Hulk and tear the partition aside, take a sharp object out of her bra and scratch the police officer in the front seat.

They love to quote Terry v. Ohio. Terry could not have addressed the felony sex abuse limits because no female was involved and courts may only decide what is brought before them — part of checks and balances. The only sex abuse prohibition that differentiates by intent is flashing not groping.

So we can come at the gender issue from the left as well as the right. Personally, I have thought for ten years since I found out that male on female frisking was the craziest thing I ever heard of in this country in my whole life. Now with gender neutral bathrooms (and showers and locker rooms as I read in the comments to the Yahoo News comments — too bad I didn’t think to save it while it was at 400 comments; now up to 4000, almost all vehemently and at length opposed) I know what number two is. 

See also:

Saturday, May 7, 2016

All 7 million are going to die -- depending ...

All 7 million are going to die -- unlike 3 million Hep C victims -- depending ...

HF (Heart Failure) is a terrible disease , but unfortunately is very common. It is currently poorly treated, and is one of few diseases that increase in mortality YoY. More than 7 million HF patients exist in the US, with more than 800,000 new HF cases every year. The number of HF patients is expected to exceed 10 million by 2030. The HF increase in prevalence is driven by the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Additionally, 7-10% of the aging population above 65 years old suffer from HF."   

Sunshine Heart (NASDAQ:SSH) said it had halted enrolment in the pivotal US trial of its heart failure device C-Pulse to focus on a “more optimal” clinical strategy that ought to get it to market more quickly. It will need some luck."   

"The device, developed by Sunshine Heart Inc., is an extra-aortic counterpulsation system. It consists of a cuff that is placed around the patient's aorta - the largest artery in the body - and is outside of the patient's bloodstream. The cuff is attached to a small balloon that inflates and deflates in sync with the patient's heartbeat. This pumps blood through the aorta and around the body" 

"After the 20 were treated with the C-Pulse device, most of them were able to come down a point or two in heart failure class. In other words, some heart patients went from being Class III heart failure patients to Class II or Class I, some from Class IV to Class I and some stayed in their class and the disease didn’t progressively worsen, Rosa said."

Seems we cannot cure the 7 million for the opposite reason we cannot cure the 3 million.  Unlike the $300 billion that Gilead wants for a Sovaldi cure for all, Sunshine has no been able so far raise the $20-30 million for the trials for C-Pulse technology which  cured(!) 5 of 20 patients in the first trial, ending 2012 and improved or kept steady the rest.  All very sick people.

C-Pulse money problem is reportedly that investors are afraid any patent to the technology may be too easy to bypass by other  manufacturers.