Thursday, May 30, 2019

Chicago's crime and violence problem is a federal problem, requiring a federal solution

Chicago's crime and violence problem is a federal problem (?!) -- requiring a federal solution.  The federal problem is a 40 year history of toothless labor protection (the NLRA) which has turned the USA into a labor union desert.  The only practical solution to ubiquitous (as in universal) union busting is regularly scheduled, union cert-recert-decert elections at every private workplace.  Not my idea:

It would be a clean up political issue for the Democrats: giving people their power back.  

Ask the 40% lowest income folks.  Would the employees of Target and Walgreen's for instance (economics aside, good places to work) love to be able to establish a union as easily as applying for a business license; no impossible gauntlet to run (or even a little gauntlet).  They'd give their eye teeth.

Another good crew to ask about this might be today's gig workers, who tend to have more middle class ideas if not bread.  Returning the economic and political power to control their lives again should be an automatic campaign sell.