Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Grow young with HGH and Acetyl L-Carnitine and Resveratrol

Reader's Digest cover story, November 2003 (?), described Acetyl L-Carnitine as doubling the energy in old rats from one-third that of young rats to two-thirds -- by rejuvenating their mitochondria. Works just that way in (old) humans too (me). Works in 45 minutes. Best "count": Swanson Vitamins online (been around almost 40 years.
Heard of Resveratrol for the heart? Gives an energy (to old people) up tick also, not nearly as pronounced as Acetly L-Carnitine and takes about a week to be noticeable. Best "count": Life Extension "Optimized Resveratrol." Optimized means 100% trans resveratrol -- the only kind that works. 60 (1 per serving), 250 mg capsules for $37.99.

I had been touting Walgreens' supposed bargain: 60 capsules for $10.49 -- BUT I read online BOTH that it takes 2 capsules per serving to add up to 160 mg AND that only half of the resveratrol is the trans type AND that half the capsule is filler: alledgedly leaving only 20 mg of trans per capsule!
HGH: any protein meal from hamburger to eggs provokes your pituitary (and most old pituitaries, all young ones) to produce HGH -- also provokes your pancreas to produce insulin. HGH and insulin conflict with each other's workings but when you are young you produce amounts of each in a proportion that allows the other to do its work. In old age your insulin remains high (or you would die) but your HGH drops way (or completely) off.

Only way to get full benefit of your HGH when old is to provoke it without provoking insulin at the same time. That is where 2gms of Glutamine (most commonly used amino acid) and 2gms of Arginine come in -- three hours after eating (to let insulin clear your blood) and one hour before bedtime (you produce half of your daily output of HGH in your first two hours of sleep) -- see Doctor Klatz's book Grow Young With HGH for a lengthy list of benefits (basically sets your aging clock back about 10-15 years -- did mine).


Denis Drew said...

I am looking at the yellow with green trim with green cap bottle -- it is Walgreen's brand. It is in the section with similarly colored bottles.

The first weeks out it was displayed only at the front by the cashiers. The best prices and quality (I can feel how hard Acetyl L-Carnitine hits me) is usually Swanson Vitamins online (been around for almost 40 years -- does everything right). But, Swanson sells (last I looked) Resveratrol at 30 50mg tabs for $15. Walgreens seems to be the outstanding bargain on this.

larginine said...

I have also not found this at walgreens. anyone know of a good place to get it cheap?