Saturday, December 1, 2007

If Israel looks, walks and talks like the 51st state.... (on

If Israel looks like a state and walks and talks like a state and hangs around with states, then, it is what I have always claimed it is: our 51st state -- it cannot look like anything else in the eyes of avenging Arabs.

Israelis look like Americans (Caucasians anyway; enough for the avenging Arab version of dual loyalty); they walk the same Western life style walk and talk the same English talk; half of their ethnic group actually are Americans -- not New Zealanders. (Can anybody imagine Israel getting away with half of what it gets away with if the other half its ethnic group lived in New Zealand? Neither can a lot of crazed Arabs.) The most famous member of their ethnic group founded much of our Western Civilization.

For forty years now our 51st state has permanently occupied itself with permanently occupying Islam's 51st state: the raped and robbed Palestinian homeland. Is it any wonder we are ducking airliners piloted by maddened avenging Arabs? If we were supplying Germany with arms and money as it happened to be invading Russia (or the other way 'round) what would we expect the "invadee" to view us?
As to dual loyalty. I'm a melting pot New Yorker. Everybody in this immigrant country is somewhere along the sliding scale on dual loyalty. No problem with that.

The only dual loyalty that really upsets me is the dual loyalty of politicians (the names Moynihan and Clinton come to mind) who put their own political safety ahead of the America's (and Israel's).

There is no conflict between the good of America and the good of Israel. Both depend heavily on Israel getting out of the West Bank, ASAP:
It's not about neighborhoods anymore, Moishe -- after 2000 years of neighborhoods. You have to start thinking countries -- and nobody moves in on another country; get used to it or Hitler may win the final round:
first, by turning Jews into fascists;
second, by said fascist behavior leading to another (nuclear) holocaust or a twenty-first century diaspora.

Israel is reputed to have 200 nuclear bombs. But, as analysts on both sides have be pointing out lately, Israel is vulnerable to a single nuclear bomb hitting Tel Aviv -- and nobody has to know where it came from.

Actually, it doesn't even have to explode -- it doesn't even have to be a working nuclear bomb. Someone just has to dead drop somewhere in Tel Aviv to be discovered a nuclear device without even nuclear material (a bluff?; maybe they don't even have weapons' grade material) and half of Israel would empty out, then the other half would have to follow.

Our 51st state is running short of time to join the community of nations as a democratic state in one piece. Let's hope it wises up before we trade any more skyscrapers (or whole downtowns) for settlements.

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