Saturday, January 12, 2008

Both Sides (Israelis & Palestinians) Have Their Grievances?!

Both sides have their grievances? That's like saying that both sides had their grievances when Germany invaded France -- only Israel's version of "Germany" was territory already absconded for their victims version of "France", 60 years earlier.

The greatest terrorist threat to the United States is Israelo-facism -- the terrorism launched against us in revenge for what is seen as the actions of America's virtual 51st state.

If it looks like a duck: Israelis look like most of us, talk the same English, walk the same Western life style and the other half of their ethnic group actually ARE ducks (not to mention ex-ducks living Israel-side). If the other half of their ethnic group were New Zealanders, does anybody think they would possess all those shiny F-16s, etc.

As long as we are going to take the credit for Israelo-facism whether or not we are to blame, we have a compelling motive to come down hard on our "little brother" to end the occupation of Islamic land -- totally. 10% of Israel's rich population has no compelling need move in on the poor land next door -- and the "first" 50 states don't need to trade anymore skyscrapers for settlements.

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