Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Want Medicare When Old: Why Afraid Now?

How to sell Medicare-for-all to worriers:
"You plan to using Medicare in the future when you expect to need health care the most -- in your old age, when you will be most vulnerable -- why be afraid of it now?

If people wish to continue their current coverage, we can tell them we have no problem with their paying more for health care. Maybe individuals or consumers could be relieved of the tax that supports Medicare if they pay for private care. I expect the cost difference would convert them soon.

Medicare-for-all would end today's coverage DISCRIMINATION between Medicaid which covers the poor -- LBJ's ORIGINAL IDEA -- poorly, with often starkly lower fees and Medicare which covers the old (who vote in large numbers) quite adequately. If we suffered Medicaid-for-all today, doctors would all be leaving for Canada.

I cannot think of anything that might -- I may be wrong; I am not sure -- put fence-sitting voters off even more than even Hil's 1994 proposal to take away their current health schemes and replace same with an unknown, than proposing to force mandates on them. If anything, mandate based coverage would spark more focused opposition because it would be a more defined threat (a.k.a., target).

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