Thursday, February 14, 2008

10 Myths About Canadian Health Care -- and My New Number 1 Reason for Supporting Single Payer

Having read the "10 myths of Canadian health care" article, my NUMBER ONE reason for supporting single-payer health care is now:

"One unsurprising side effect of [not struggling with 100 insurers] is that the doctors [in Canada are] more up-to-date in their specialties."

In any doctor level profession -- maybe even with bloggers -- you can spend half your life keeping up with what's new. American doctors dealing with 100 sets of rules and fighting 100 sets of care deniers, cannot keep up with their specialties they way they really want to...
...what can you, mandate supporters, ever say again in favor of your position -- except maybe craven fear of insurance company lobbying? Just add the specter under training (!) to over charging brought about by (100+) private insurance outlets and the plea for single payer (Medicare for All) simply becomes unbeatable.

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