Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More pro single-payer stuff

More pro single-payer stuff:

Worried about unemployment caused by layoffs in the health insurance industry -- should Medicare for All be adopted. Worry about our OTHER industries (our PRACTICAL, making something or serving someone industries) suffering v. foreign competition (think GM) because they have to pay for workers' health care (think $1100 extra per car).

Remember the typing pool? Not if you went to work in the mid 70s by which time millions of typists had been replaced by copying machines. It's called creative destruction (the alternative is called Luddism).

How many manufacturing and other jobs are we willing to lose to keep medical insurance offices filled?
Single payer would not be "insulated" from -- what -- political pressures once adopted? I thought that once the big health insurance was out of the way there wasn't supposed to be any more (supposedly out sized) political pressures.

On insurance industry (supposedly irresistible) resistance to single-payer: even before big insurance is out of the way, are there not countervailing political pressures from an industry that represents 15% of the economy and doesn't particularly like the way private insurance pays it? What about doctors; they are a powerful interest group -- they would surely love to see (the hundreds of sets of rules and care deniers) of big insurance out of their way. What's next: are hospitals in love with big insurance? What's next?

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