Monday, May 26, 2008

If Israel became an actual U.S. territory (like Puerto Rico or Guam)…

If Israel became an United States territory (like Puerto Rico or Guam)…

…two results would be sure to follow – the second the most needed by far by the USA:

1) Besides securing Israel's future;

2) The American public would at last understand that when Israel invades its next door neighbors to throw their families out of their homes and off their ancestral lands that TO ARABS IT AS GOOD AS IF MAINLAND AMERICANS WERE INVADING AND TOSSING THEM OFF THEIR LANDS (if today’s Israel looks like a duck and walks and talks like and hangs around with ducks...).

There are three levels of supposed excuse for forcibly throwing another people out of their personal homes and settling on their lands – the first and third of which were unheard of before the establishment of modern Israel:

1) Super critical-level: victims of an ethnic holocaust which killed half their people with no land of their own to hide in;

2) critical-level: painfully short of farm land, minerals and fossil fuels (A.K.A., absorbing “lebensraum” or living space);

3) no reason to maintain twice the tank strength as the active US Army on 2% of the population base to hold on to ill gotten gains-level: appropriating living space – LITERAL MEANING – merely extra room for some of your people to put nice up-to-date apartment blocks and real estate developments upon.

No reason at all for the United States to trade anymore skyscrapers for settlements. Israeli-"American" squatters out of (what little is left of) the Palestinian homeland, now!

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