Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Israel's Occupied Territories W/O People -- For A People W/O Territory?

Lately I have been equating the intransigence of the fanatic settlers more and more with 1960s Alabama Gov. George Wallace standing in the doorway, personally blocking the integration of a university -- and have been thinking that the amount of determination it took to overcome segregation in the American south is what it is going to take to clear every last settler out of the West Bank.

It has to come to that (unless somebody can come up with a deal for a lot of rent -- no kidding).

It has to come to that for the safety of the nation of two-thirds of all living Jews (at least at one time): the USA. It has to come to that as long as our 51st state is capable of starting a war with the rest of the world without consulting the rest of us -- which is why we are missing a couple of buildings in downtown NYC.

It's not just the looks like a duck, etc. thing; Israel's religion is the religion of America's Christians, even if not the other way around. No question about it; when the settlers dispossess Palestinians they are doing it under our flag (and with our high tech weapons).

If you want to imagine how hot under the collar the Palestinians' (craziest, terrorist) supporters around the Islamic world get when the "state" of Israel moves in next door -- just imagine how hot illegal settlers get when forced out and multiply by ten because the Palestinians are on the victim side of the law!

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