Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Jews behaving badly? For a "Good" reason?

This morning I had a revelation of a sort -- ur, not from an angel; but from my own thimble brain – as to why Jews may be behaving so badly in the occupied territories. As a devout Catholic I assume that Israel finally getting back together has something to do with Divine Providence -- so what explains the "chosen people" coming on like "Israel, Israel, Uber Alles?"

I finally figured out that God is allowing Israelis to descend into committing every worst sin (no holocaust on their victims – isn't that what the nuclear weapons are for – we’ll see) so that they will ultimately be humbled, once they come to their senses and understand what they havoc they have wrought, primarily on their Palestinian next-door neighbors. Thus Jews will realize that being chosen doesn't make them such big shots – even as God brings them back together geographically. God is big on humility -- especially for those who hang around close with Him.

If I may drone on a little further on the same theme: Saint Augustine, the greatest Catholic thinker had an actual angel type revelation before his end leading him to say that all he had written was so much straw (his words). Why did God reveal such to him and not the rest of us? Because we did not need to know such but he did -- to keep his "greatest thinker" self humble.

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