Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pres. McCain Felled By (heart attack, stroke, fell in bath tub?): Palin President!

I just read that North Korea's dictator has had a stroke. This reminds me of a seriously neglected implication of the Palin pick: McCain is 70 and could easily be incapacitated by any number of old age misfortunes. Meaning that in Palin we could more likely than usual be looking at our future president -- dumber (for the job) even than Bush. Achhhhhhh!

All we know about Palin at this point is that she is governor of a state that doesn't have a million people (Mayor Palin?) -- that has six men for every woman -- that has more the quality of an frontier outpost than civilization (don't leave home without your bear spray). Oh, and she avoids interviews.

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