Sunday, December 21, 2008

Million employee march to support card check if needed?

If Obama is not serious about card check legislation FREEING labor to organize (half of government employees are organized precisely because they are EXEMPT from the run-the-gauntlet process of organizing as prescribed by US labor law), then, someone ought to organize a million employee march on Washington to make drive home our need to Congress.

Get me Martin Luther King. Get me Lyndon Johnson who told the Senate that nothing else was going to happen until they passed the civil rights bill enfranchising African Americans to vote. LBJ held out for 83 days to get it.

American labor has an economic right to to vote for union representation -- not the current catch-22 you can only get an election the way you cannot get an election (if management does not so desire) legislation. Maybe right to organize legislation ought to be packaged as ACTUAL right to vote union representation legislation.

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