Saturday, January 3, 2009

Triply thick skulls of male (not female) geeks

Males, being instinctively hunter group oriented, upon opening discussion -- especially among experts sharing a common knowledge base -- immediately interlink their brains with what all the other boy brains know and feel about what they already know: beginning the creativity log jam.

Being instinctively hunter oriented, male geeks cannot help but obsess on keeping some kind of practical consensus (a piece of meat) within sight today (its running away!) -- narrowing their search potential even more.

And it is (instinctively?) understood that the hunt is not the time to broach new ideas -- we have to work together with what we all know already if the "hunt" is not to become impossibly complicated -- and male geeks are perpetually on the hunt; even alone in the library -- even on the hunt for new ideas: sealing off the creativity cul-de-sac.

Females geeks (the gatherers) can pick up and examine and chose among any number of new ideas on the basis of inherent interest of. Females are not deterred by how many starting points may be opened at once nor by how many weeks or months may pass before arriving at even some conclusions.

Take a too perfect but too new idea like sector-wide labor agreements, the world-wide (outside the USA) answer to the race to the bottom (American airline and supermarket workers would kill for sector-wide). In the purely abstract, sector-wide is the perfect abstract answer to the race to the bottom -- the core device dragging down American labor -- but try to get male geeks to discuss it or even acknowledge its existence as a concept. I've been trying for years.

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