Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Hitler could have won -- What can Israel win?

Hitler (my candidate for the anti-Christ) could have won, if he had given France back -- and said: "You declared war on us [for invading Poland]; we did not want it" -- and forced France to sign a neutrality pact. That would have killed all public support for war in Britain and America. If he had not been crazy killing the Jews and had treated the Ukrainians well (they welcomed the invaders as liberators from Stalin), and if he played the West right we might have ended up sending him tanks to fight the Russians!

Then he could have come back for France and England.

Germany immorally took on the whole world at least in the hope of acquiring badly needed (anyway) farmland and access to mineral and fossil fuel resources. Israel (I thought Jews were smart) is taking on the whole world (the whole militant Islamic world at least) for what: living space, literal meaning; extra room to put up real estate developments?

The most militant Israeli settlers could not live happily in Israel "proper" if it were not an official Jewish state -- overwhelmingly Jewish population would not be enough to satisfy. In the West Bank, even if half of Israel's population unaccountably moved into the one-fifth more land that the West Bank represents, Palestinians would outnumber Jews two to one even even before their higher birth rates grows their advantage. In reality the settlers must always remain a very small minority. For this they are willing to take on eternal war?

[Oh, and if Israel ever gets around to using its nuclear weapons Israel may have a (Arab?) holocaust on its resume. Nice!]

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