Friday, April 3, 2009

Join the "rebellion" -- and disband the US Senate


To rid ourselves of the US Senate (a concept I picked up reading Tom Geoghegan):
the 25 states with 82% of the population must secede from union with the 25 states that have 18% of the population -- temporarily -- just long enough to remove the Senate from the Constitution. The founders would never have instituted a Senate with the current unbalanced representation (same representation for Alaska as for California!) if for no other reason than it would have been heavily against the interests of the majority. When in the course of human taxation without full representation...and all that.

Not sure what we would replace the Senate with -- my personal preference, a parliamentary system. ??? Have to all be prepared in advance. The empty 25 could be considered territories until 17 states pass the new constitution, at which point they will be fully restored. I don't think the National Guard of Utah is going to capture Sacramento and force California to rejoin the original union.

There is the caveat that the least populated of the 25 most populated states now have greater than 2% representation in the Senate. But states in the least populated 25 could join the "rebellion" for ideological reasons.

Ideological preferences make our first and most needed step to unionize the South at which point the South. Sector-wide labor agreements (my key to economic heaven :-]) can unionize the South by statute.

I am not kidding about any of this.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thank you. The US Senate is a completley un-democratic institution and will be the downfall of this country if something is not done.