Monday, November 23, 2009

Practical Reparative (Conversion) Therapy: Gay to Bi?

In the late 1970s, having a gay teenage boy lived with me for a year taught me that gays perceive what we see as the big male ego in women – and are dismissive of any such notion about men. He and his best buddies would be all salutes and careful stepping around any older woman but we think nothing of stepping on male toes. Since then, I have found that anyone who gets in my space with no idea they are getting in my face is always homosexual (should be easily observable to males – annoying :-]).

Exact reverse image definition: gays naturally expect any woman to come all over any girl friend who has the “temerity” to poke harmlessly into “HER (!) pocketbook” – but will never anticipate any such “MY (!) pocket” thunder from males (gay males can be ultra sensitive about behavior which aggravates males – reminds me of the story you only have to show something to a trained bear once – avoiding a lot of trouble).

Back then, only in curiosity, I asked a psychiatrist whom I was consulting on this boy and others whether gays could be switched straight. He response was: “I can treat a homosexual so he can make it with a sympathetic member of the opposite sex.”

Recently I was thinking what a fantastic boon it would be for 10% of eighth-grade boys and 5% of the girls if knowledge of, what I presumed to be widely understood half-way switch therapy, were widely known to the public. We could have orientation switching clinics like we now have head ache and back ache clinics (for more of my megalo notions see my blogspot noted below). Upon researching the internet I discovered the universal presumption seemed to be the very opposite -- generally relating to with switching all the way to straight; mostly for religious motives.

Two things argue to me in favor of routine switching to switch-hitter:
One: Why may not gay males, for example, to be instructed via some creative technique to…
…see in a match between their own personal craz ego behavior and the craz territorial ego they up until now see in other persons with female bodies -- and then, extrapolate some of that match to other persons with their own gender’s bodies…
…thereby automatically dialing down their territoriality ego image of females proportionately as they dial up their ego awareness of males – an innate sliding scale may be the key to success here. No one on earth sees the full craz ego in both males and females – nor zero craz ego in both males and females. AC/DC gender identification in my humble observations have always had this proportional-sliding scale characteristic.
Two: AC/DCs I have known whose same-sex attraction is based on identification (not paranoia of the opposite sex nor being cooped up only with their own sex) have had a wide range of in-ability to perceive my craz territorial ego – from almost gay level to almost straight – also leading me to suspect that any weakening of one-way sex identification innately leads to two-way attraction.

Again, a serious percentage of desperate eighth-graders would kill for part-way switching of their sex orientation. I have no idea how the psychiatrist I was consulting accomplished what he accomplished (was not going to ask him to make me a doctor either).

I have looked up “reparative therapy” web sites and their convoluted explanations for homosexuality: e.g., “pseudo self-affirmation.” Perhaps transfer is how their therapy gets some results. Limbic law: repress any emotion (anxiety, eros, whatever) and it will surface in another form – innate feelings, like anything else, cannot be made to just fade away and disappear into nothing.

Occam’s razor: the image of a dichotomy of craz territorial ego between the two genders is genetically preset. Homosexuality is simply the reverse polarity of heterosexuality in the dichotomy department.

Only therapeutic question that may remain: can somebody conjure up a way to at least partially get across to homosexuals that the male gender possesses more substantial craz territorial than they perceive now and the female gender less than they perceive now (keeping in mind that, in so far as such ego resides in females heterosexuals are totally blind).

Limbic law: A male is unable to sexually “take possession” of the entire body of a person who will go out of his mind merely over “WHOSE (!) pocket” – or pocketbook -- that is and a female can only “yield possession” of her body by the same species of territorial ego. Blur the sex identification line of gays and we may open up for them the option between marrying straight and burning (in the closet). :-)

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