Friday, July 2, 2010

Save the polar bears -- from the penguins???

A post over at Fred Pohl's gave me an idea to save the polar bear species from habitat destruction brought on by global warming. Just transfer several dozen males and females to the Antarctic and let them feed on penguins who don't have enough sense to run away.

Penguins may have to spend more time in the water. Be interesting to see how long a race of gang biting penguins takes to evolve. How will killer whales survive should penguins start to thin out? Whales can add polar bears swimming after the remaining penguins to their menu.

One further "ecological" complication could be killer whales, having learned to feed on four legged mammals, might become a danger to humans whenever they wander into our habitats. No more happy animal interest stories: get me Steven Spielberg!

Wouldn't take a government program, just one private boat could do the experiment -- may not even be a law against it!

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