Saturday, November 20, 2010

The attraction of child molestation may be molestation itself

FWIW, it has finally occurred to me (not trained in psychology -- I don't even know if they even know this) that the attraction of molestation is molestation itself; exactly as rape is about power not sex. Always wondered why all these priests were molesting boys when the gay priests and the gay alter boys (one out of ten, believe me -- and that doesn't even count AC/DCs for what ever the latter is worth; the latter mostly not interested, even fear, sex with adults in my observations) are always going to know who each other are.

Michael Jackson didn't need to force himself on anybody. If 3000 boys were going though "Neverland" every year, 150-300 were gay and heavily in the closet. The real problem with gay priests is probably that both they and the gay alter boys are going to be right back in irresistible temptation-land like the seminary,

Got this idea after reading (about half of) Scout's Honor by Patrick Boyle ( It appears that the majority of offenses are by failed heterosexuals many of whom have even been married. Why boys instead of girls? My guess, it may be just logistics. Easier to hang around with lots of boys without too many questions. Maybe if they were with girls they would do it to them.

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