Saturday, November 27, 2010

Courthouse (unnamed) video clearly shows men and women strip-scanned by same machine

Courthouse (unnamed -- in Colorado) video surreptitiously taken by a lawyer clearly shows men and women (and presumably would include children) processed through the same full-body scanner. The lawyer also complains to guards that he was groin touched the last time.

Who could possibly trust perfect back and forth switch between male and female images? (Do they use separate male and female scanners at airports -- all of them?

Note: Cook County courthouse reportedly uses full body scanners (Daly control-freak city -- well that's why I came here, to get away from the chaos that was once New York City).
Does Cook use separate male and female scanners.
Does it opposite sex frisk (possible long running practice* at Castle Rock, Co courthouse where this lawyer likely took video).
Does Cook genital touch?
*Now widely distributed AP story: "Angela Hellenbrand received a quick pat down Tuesday by security guard Mike Couts ..." My widely distributed comment:

My first-draft explaining (should be so plain I wont use the word "arguing") that current administrative search precedents are not applicable to naked body scanning which seems to automatically bring with it a much touchier frisk on the same whatever rationale: .

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