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James Daubs' laughable denials that gay male TSA agents hunger to take advantage of male travelers. FIRST DRAFT

FIRST DRAFT (Brand new -- see for crucial legal overview)

James Daubs' laughable denials that gay male TSA agents hunger to take advantage of male travelers.

First, all of his excuses would not add up to a penny’s worth if we were talking male TSA agents frisking females – even though they should 100% equally apply. Maybe the real first of all should be reversing Daubs' example with a fat old gay TSA agent getting to frisk firm young men and boys -- think he wouldn't be ecstatic when time to go work everyday?

Second, when I first lived in San Francisco in the late ‘90s the sneaky feel scene was 100% out of 100% of the time. I used to literally stand with my hands hooked behind my back when perusing books at the main library branch. I remember one guy going crotch bump to crotch bump with me and jumping off the back of the bus – you couldn’t out maneuver them. I even remember making the mistake when I was new of defenselessly leaning over to fill out my driver’s license application where there was plenty of room behind – a giant public hall – and getting swiped from behind.

Sometime around when gay males were trying to get into Boy Scout leading (I’ve heard somewhere that lesbians had pretty much taken over the Campfire Girls – no problem with that; females don’t molest and are generally looking for older than younger) somebody wrote to whom he addressed as Pat Robertson’s homophobes at the ACLJ, describing the all sneaky feel all the time scene among San Francisco gay males – along with their decades long observation that gay males (not females) mostly light up too much (not molest) around pubescent (11-13 year old) girls.

I went back there in January – about a month after the letter was sent – the scene was still going 100%. One of them got me within 5 hours – paying for an electric heater at the 4th street hardware across from the Marriott – enough room for four people to pass behind me; so infuriating. All same for my three month stay.

I’m not sure if it was this trip but just to fill out: one day there was a service breakdown on the BART and the bus is much more crowded than usual for the time of day. I’m on the very back seat worrying how I’m going to off past a big one. He gets off to be replaced by a small one. I get up asking him for room; he typically moves his leg two inches and I have to roll up my newspaper to push his leg aside.

I went back the following January for seven months. Somebody must have put it too them – they had completely cleaned up their act. No more straining to get out of the way of your girlfriend as you move down the bus aisle and then squeeze right back against unsuspecting you.

Eighth-grade math; the next to last time I was there, every other gay male who got in my cab for four months had to pat me on the soft part of the shoulder two or three times at some point in the ride or else lean their hand against same while waiting for the change. Not sex but intimacy; still infuriating but I was afraid to say anything because they would have been so mortally shamed. Last time I drove a cab there for four months they had again completely cleaned up their act – maybe again somebody had put it to them.

Here is a KOS report of heterosexual TSA males taking advantage of females traveling along or with children -- infinitely more egregious because the women understand what is happening to them; that they are being groped by sexually attracted men.

If anything this TSA thing may head off the next pseudo-liberal stage: openly gay male police officers frisking men on the street. Here is an AP report of a male Castle Rock, CO courthouse guard giving a female (both named) a “quick pad down” – not too quick to discover “paper backing of a "Junior Deputy Sheriff" sticker that one of the guards had given her two young boys” (woman traveling alone ow with small children?) in her “left rear pocket”! Not even commented on – widely distributed story. Male fitting Daub’s stereotype seen at remote view screen (with what looks like a small TV monitor right in front of him).

I had a gay male teenager living with me for a year in the Bronx in the late ‘70s. That’s when I discovered the only difference between gay and straight: anybody who gets in my space with no suspicion even they are getting in my face is always gay. Gays see what we straights think of as the big male ego in females instead.

Where males are concerned that lightning bolt between out legs takes the path of least resistance. Put straight males in prison and the only path available may be tempting.

Assuming there was some practical way to do the crazy thing: anybody in favor of saving state money by having formerly exclusively heterosexual male prison inmates to take over pat-down duty at the airports; especially “enhanced” pat-downs? What could parents tell their teenage sons who will understand precisely how egregious that would be? Would the answer to this question have anything to do with homophobia at all?

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