Monday, July 4, 2011

It is not the Holocaust -- waited too long for a Jewish state -- God said to Abraham kill me a son

It is not the Holocaust. The further back in today's Israel's, the less likely it would have retaliated to a guerrilla force hiding grabbing two uniformed soldiers POWs by mass bombing neighboring Lebanon's infrastructure and capital city, killing 1000 men and women in 400 children – or to a single soldier taken POW by bombing immediately the only power plant supplying electricity for a million mostly very poor Gaza inhabitants? The further you back, the closer to the Holocaust, the less likely such venomous reprisals would have been.

It is not fear of military attack today than decades ago. It would take 9,000 NATO quality tanks and crews to invade against today's Israel's 3,000 -- takes 3 to 1 on offense. Israel's fighter force is fully one-sixth the size of today's American fighter force: active, National Guard and reserve. What other small nation possesses nuclear tipped ICBMs, 5 second-strike nuclear warhead missile submarines, nuclear bombs and even nuclear artillery shells?

I would postulate "The Picture of Dorian Gray* syndrome": the more Israel offends its neighbors, the more Israel's guilt builds up unconsciously, the more Israel needs to repress its growing bad conscience, the ever more desperately Israel strikes out at anyone who reminds it that it is not the respectable nation state it wants to see itself as (analogous to a Mafia kingpin who lately comes to desire respectability). * [1945, 3 1/2 stars, cinematography Oscar]
Suppose mid-19th-century Americans arriving to settle in the Midwestern continent had found 20 million Plains Indians already living there – instead of the 1 million remaining after Spanish diseases had traveled up from the Gulf Coast starting 100 years before, wiping 95% of them out.

The only feasible – and moral – way for us to have moved in on them would have been to assimilate the Indians into our culture – it is called acculturation*. The Indians took to European horses and guns. Why would they not have been attracted to the "iron horse" all the other conveniences of a technological civilization that they were a 1000 years behind? In this alternate history, America might have had many Indian blood presidents by now. :-o *

Want a nice Jewish state (neighborhood)? In 100 years the Chinese will be reading and writing English and the world may be one big city with a really big Chinatown. Today's Israel would be only a neighborhood in that world -- a world where people get off airliners and walk around other countries like they were their own -- oh, we already have that world. For those who waited two millennia for to return to a Jewish nation – they have waited too long. :-)
God said to Abraham kill me a son/Abe said God you must be putting me on/God said no/Abe said what/God said do what you want Abe but the next time you see me coming you better run. (B. Dylan)

Did Abraham jump at the opportunity to kill his son? I didn't know the kid. Do West Bank settlers who they are obeying God's will taking back their biblical homeland from Palestinians agonize (like Abraham) over doing such a thing: evicting them from their ancestral homes and lands? Do they offer tearful apologies to them; do they long to offer generous financial compensation to them?

God chose Abraham because of his willingness to give unselfishly – not grasp greedily. What would Abraham have thought – what does he think – about the unabashed eagerness of West Bank with which West Bank colonizers displace whole Palestinian communities.

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