Thursday, July 12, 2012

I would love to offer a million dollar prize for A REALISTIC answer to America's problems that did not include sector-wide labor contracts

I would love to declare a contest prize of million dollars to anyone who could propose A REALISTIC answer to most of America's economic and social cancers ("cancers" is not too strong a word at this point) that did not include legally mandated, sector-wide labor agreements -- just to make the very vivid point that there is no other realistic way out. 

The -- innate -- behavioral block that prevents even the most momentary consideration any new direction in economic policy in human males (hunting pack imperative?) to refuse to think through any new policy direction on MERIT ALONE if it is too different than what society is doing already -- have to see all the wheels within wheels working together in one second or wont consider it for a single second.

Tragic case in point: human males will not consider the efficacy of legally mandated, sector-wide labor agreements as the cure for most all of America's economic and social cancers -- as the only possible cure or at least the only practical cure anyone has ever thought of -- not to mention tried and tested in the first world (Germany, France, etc.), second world (Argentina), third world (Indonesia) -- not to mention for as long as 60+ years.

Instituted by post WWII industrialists (not Marxists or left wingers) to limit labor's race to the top, it works just as wonderfully to limit labor's race to the bottom -- and -- keep the political muscle of the average person in heavy lifting shape.

Human females are capable of evaluating any idea on MERIT ALONE (individual gatherers imperative; shoppers) -- and then, if it seems practical, actually believing they can sell the idea to others on merit alone.

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