Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hezbollah's strange Alchemy -- how Israel could take the wind out of its sails

I just read a book, "A Privilege to Die", which mapped out Hezbollah's strange alchemy which captures supporters into self-destructive modes of life (and death) most of all by returning their self-respect.

Move to a different scene: Scratch a supporter of Israel who calls critics "anti-Semitic" and you'll probably find a supporter of Israel who disparages Arab Spring ("they'll never be civilized") and despises Palestinians (ditto). Who do you guess spends their days consciously depriving Arabs of their self-respect -- and perpetuating the psychology of eternal war -- (most) Israeli Jews? 

Israeli Jews are not New York Jews. 1 1/2% of Israelis hail from the states. Western democratic attitudes are not extremely deeply rooted. The going attitude in Israel towards it's neighbors reminds me of the WWII Japanese attitude towards conquered peoples more than anything else.

If Israelis want peace they are first of all going to have to adopt more fully Western democratic postures towards their neighbors -- or should I just say a more (upper?) middle class (more adult?) outlook. What could it hurt?

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