Saturday, February 16, 2013

My comments on my "Open Letter" at Angry Bear

My day of commenting on my "Open Letter" at Angry Bear blog:

Denis Drew Feb 16, 2013, 12:01:00 PM  
HATE TO HOG BANDWIDTH (no I don't -- I hate to get blamed) but here is the first round of my smoke-and-mirrors attempt to get progressive economists to tell the real world (not argue arguments with non-progressive dupes which nobody witnesses -- empty stadiums) what it needs to know. BIG PROBLEM TO GET PAST -- THE ONLY PROBLEM -- MALES ARE SO SLAVED TO PACK HUNTING COOPERATION THEY CANNOT, WILL NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT ANY PRACTICAL NEW PATH IF NOBODY ELSE IS ALREADY ON IT. If the mayor of Oakland were male I wouldn't have bothered to try to get anything rolling.

Denis Drew Feb 16, 2013, 4:21:00 PM  
Allow me to use up more bandwidth with my own destroyed by the American labor market 30 years of taxi driving tragedy.

Between 1981 and 1997, Chicago allowed one 30 cent increase in the mile charge at which 1990 mid-point it started adding 40% more taxis, opening up livery unlimited, building trains to both airports and then, the shot in the head not the stick that broke the camel's back, free trollies between all the hot spots downtown.

I ended up 2000 miles away in San Francisco in a $600/month room to make a living. In San Francisco they are so liberal they treat you like you have a union even if you don't.

In New York in 1976 the last successful taxi strike raised the meter to $2.25/mile in 2004 dollars. By early 2004 the meter had dropped to $1.50/mile. Guys were going back to India for a better life. (An old Pakistani cab driver from nearby Evanston recently told me was going back to make a better living.)

The union was broken by moving to the (independent contractor) lease system. Under that system profit comes only after the company gets its money -- so the short meter hits the driver twice as hard.

Used to be a good job -- buy a house; put kids through college -- 60 hour weeks.

Just came from super market where new employees are paid less -- no longer a ticket to the middle class thanks to Wal-Mart underpaying its employees. Wal-Mart closed 88 big boxes in Germany because it could not survive paying the same as everyone else.

Think any of this registers at "Harvard"?

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