Thursday, April 11, 2013

How illegal stop-and-frisk discourages school work

How does New York's brazenly unconstitutional stop-and-frisk policy further degrade the performance of  poorly performing schools?
Put this ...
Political scientist Martin Sanchez-Jankowski spent nine years on the ground in five poverty stricken New York and Los Angeles neighborhoods (and ten years before that researching street gangs).   He explains in his 2008 book Cracks in the Pavement that ghetto schools don't work mostly because students (and teachers!) don't expect jobs paying anything decent waiting for them in the labor market when they graduate and go to work -- so think school accomplishments not worth a heavy effort.

together with this ...
Noche Díaz -- describing the degradation minority youth suffer from unjustified stop-and-frisk: "... why is it that I have to look at these 15-year-olds in the playgrounds in the Bronx who tell me that if you’re not a white person in this world you don’t matter and you don’t mean anything?"

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