Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Southern Bronx strategy to down Bloomberg

My Southern Bronx strategy to down a Bloomberg candidacy -- one picture is worth a thousand words (two even better):

My art-deco high school -- opened 1941

Bronx County Court House -- opened 1939 -- a ten minute walk from Cardinal Hayes

Both remain in pristine condition, today.
In 1977, in response to the national crime wave, the city was forced to open a new $120 million (2016 dollars) courthouse down the hill from the 1939 courthouse to catch the overflow.

In 2004, long after the crime wave had receded 75%, Mayor Bloomberg opened a new $500 million courthouse across the street from the old-new one and down the block from the old-old one.

Bloomberg perpetrated the same financial folly in Brooklyn in the same year to the tune of $750 million.  Don't have personal knowledge of Brooklyn courthouse(s) that already stood but I never spotted any dilapidated structures passing through Brooklyn civic center (just the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge).

Before posting the old-new and new-new courthouse pictures I should throw in my eighth-grade math take on Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk circus.  Stops went up 7X under Bloomberg, after crime had subsided 4X = 28 times as many stops per reported crimes.  Thought this: if it is a thousand to one that a cop has justification to stop any one kid on the way to school, it must be a million to one against two together, a billion, etc. etc. -- but it would be the same four, five school kids together over and over again.

The old-new and old-old Bronx courthouses are probably being put to some use by now -- don't know; haven't been in the Bronx for a long time

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