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Transgender bathrooms -- has anyone ever heard of AC/DC (bisexual)?

Transgender bathrooms -- has anyone ever heard of AC/DC (bisexual)?

Transgender is a tragic condition — actually having the wrong sex body to go with your brain. 19 times the suicide rate according to a New York Times story.  “Although transsexualism (defined as those who want to change or do change their body) is very rare — a recent meta-analysis estimated the prevalence at about 5 per 100,000 … ”

San Francisco school adopting gender-neutral bathrooms
By Jill Tucker Updated 7:11 am, Thursday, September 3, 2015
“The boys’ bathrooms and girls’ bathrooms will become just bathrooms at the first San Francisco school to go gender-neutral.”

“In schools across the country, though, bathrooms have become a battleground for transgender rights. On Monday, more than 100 high school students walked out of class in a small Missouri town to protest the use of the girls’ restrooms and locker room by a transgender teen.”

“So far, bathrooms in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms at Miraloma, as well as a centralized bathroom, are gender-neutral. The school will phase in the other restrooms used by older children over the next few years, including outside bathrooms with multiple stalls.”

“The school district’s responsibility is to create a safe environment for all students so they can learn and thrive, said Kevin Gogan, the district’s director of safety and wellness. That, he said, means accepting and accommodating the 1 percent of all middle and high school students who identify as transgender — who add up to more than 300 students.” [my emphasis]

“First grade twins Ari Braverman (left), and Ella Braverman (right), both 6 years old, show first grade gender neutral bathrooms at Miraloma Elementary school in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.” [caption for multi stall bathroom -- Photo: Liz Hafalia, The Chronicle (pic since changed)]

"The boys’ bathrooms and girls’ bathrooms will become just bathrooms at the first San Francisco school to go gender-neutral [for everybody -- that's what the story seems to say!?]."
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Anybody ever hear about AC/DC as in switch-hitter, as in bisexual? Bruce made a lot of kids before he became Caitlyn (nothing funny here — see above). Really want to allow males who may or may not be sexually attracted to females into the womens’ bathrooms.

“A transgender woman says she was raped in a unisex bathroom at the Stonewall Inn — and police are searching for the suspect who they say regularly frequents the landmark gay bar.”

One in 20,000 may be transgender (actually wrong body to go with brain) — a lot more than that identify with the opposite body gender. A lot more than one in 20,000 are willing to fake transgender for whatever nefarious or silly motive — maybe just some college frat boys drunk and mischievous.

What sex is attractive to a physical male with a female brain anyway (not to mention the 1% with gender dysphoria)? I have no idea.

I read a story the other day (can’t remember where) of a young guy (male brain — female body) who is now taking male hormones to grow a beard and muscle and hangs out with other guys in bars, etc. Who does he want to have sex with?

Who does a physical male with a female brain want to have sex with — depending on whether heterosexual or homosexual. This is where I totally lose track.

I had a gay teenage boy living with me in the Bronx back in the late 70s. I quickly picked up that he approached every older woman with a salute — careful not to brush her toes (“lest she lash out at him for no reason” — as I like to put this). Me, he wasn’t too afraid of — not bad to, but sort of like you are less afraid of your mother than you father (if you are hetero).

One of his little buddies, 16 years old, would come at me disrespectfully — I would back him off — he would be visibly intimidated — next time he would be right back at me; never caught on what he was up against in a male — I was just Hillary, a noisy girl.

You can’t be sexually dangerous to the dangerous sex — you can’t be sexually endangered except by the dangerous sex. Depending on who you think is the dangerous sex.

But, how does this understanding of homosexuality — and heterosexuality — translate into which sex a (truly rare) truly transgender person is attracted to? ??? Anybody care to clear this up for me?

Those of the apparently not so rare gender dysphoric (see above) are guaranteed to be all over the place.

The only good thing I can say for the not so rare dysphoric use is that it would have come in handy when I was a taxi driver (NYC, Chi, SF): if the mens' room was dirty or out of order I could have just tried the lady's room figuring they were used to seeing men dressed as men in there -- if not used to it -- and when you have to go you have to go. 

Bottom line: Transgender Bathroom use is not mostly about crime -- it is immediately and urgently about privacy.  A transgender woman whose male parts are intact who is sexually attracted to women is no different in the next stall than any other male.  Think Bruce Jenner -- who is reportedly still interested in women.  There is a case in a local high school here in Illinois (Palatine) where the girls are up in arms about a boy in their locker room, even behind curtains -- no thought about crime.


PS.  If you go by the SF school, 1% of males who look and dress like males are going to claim gender dysphoria -- genuinely.  Young children are not going to fake this for phony reasons.  Possibly another 1% of similarly dressed males may use the ladies room for dumb to nefarious reasons: perversion, mugging, pranking or just cab drivers in a hurry.  Ergo, one out of 50 males may wish to use the ladies room.  (I often do the eighth-grade math side of things.)

This article restored my faith that my world may not be about to be blown apart -- w/o warning, w/o democratic discussion.  Or rather by the 4,000 mostly, or should I say almost universally vehement, windy opposing comments -- just like the last two Yahoo News articles I read on the issue.

To wit: "As a grandfather this BS attacks my lady, my 3 grown up daughters, my 6yr old granddaughter, my 4yr old, & 8 month old grandsons & you piece of sht libs just don't care about daddy's little girls & you seem to think there is nothing us daddy's can do about it, because Obama says so & makes it law & sht all over their privacy & culture they grew up with. You will be getting a very serious education very soon, if this bull sht does not stop!"

Wish I had saved the New York comment I read last night when there were only 400 comments.  Pictured 18 teen age girls at a rec center who are afraid to use the girls shower and all crowd up in the family shower with one spigot.  Seems a big part of this ideology is that no questions may be asked, no documentation, no physical exam may be imposed on anybody using any locker room or shower.

Just in time for an election that may decide whether democracy may any longer endure -- just in time to scare everyone (every class) away from the Democratic party.

If only Obama had the same energy for the last seven years to make everyone aware:
the minimum wage is now $4 an hour below 1969 -- double the average income later;
Republican governors fighting Medicaid expansion are fighting against recovering their own states' tax federal money from DC -- while those people are going to show up somewhere (ER, clinic), probably sicker and more expensive to treat, and their bill is going to be sicked on private premiums or other gov sources -- paying twice;
the a de-labor-unionized economy is inherently pathological, the core cause of just about every other social and economic ill that faces us -- that Americans are being denied "freedom of contract"(along with any significant political arm) -- that making union busting a felony is even more critical to our national health than sending people to federal prison for a couple of years for taking a movie in the movies.

But for allowing virtually any man in the ladies he is a ball of fire.


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