Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Introducing: my new "circadian rhythm " diet

For readers obsessed with my personal life I present my new circadian rhythm diet.

I usually ate 5 small meals a day -- Type II diabetic.  I could easily have skipped one if not for -- don't get much pleasure from eating; a waste of time like sleeping -- if not for the energy drain that sent me to fridge.

Last week I missed the noon meal.  Didn't realize it until next day when I found the food out ready to cook.  Never noticed.  Repeated that day.  No problem; no drain.

Then I put that together with my bounce back time which comes around 12:30PM, 1;30PM.  That's when, no matter how tired I might feel when I wake up, I bounce back to normal.  Seems that can get me past any food energy need until 3PM.

If I were a doctor I could probably write a book about this.  :-0

Anyway I lose about a pound for every missed 320 calorie meal.  Maybe somebody else out there in the vastness can make use of this. 

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