Friday, May 27, 2016

Transgender bathrooms — it’s not just about plumbing.

The arrogance of academic liberals who just because they think German or old Tahitian expect American women to just forget their greatest fears and allow a previously unimaginable privacy invasion because the elite left (some voluble ones anyway) think they shouldn’t care.

And always remember — as incidents reported from locker rooms to dressing rooms around the country are starting show up — that the bigger part of this ideology is that NO QUESTIONS may be asked of any male entering the previously out-of-bounds area — lest anyone feel humiliated. Incidents being of males being found in all places, offering no explanation why they are there, and employees in charge explaining that they cannot ask questions.

The following may seem snarky — it is not; I fully understand the suffering of the transgender — it is just one of those “balloon pop” connections. To wit: if transgender females are so perfectly matched in their brains, why do they not understand why other females are abhorrence of their male endowed selves invading the previously sacred precincts. Just like I wonder how many still physical males are sexually attracted to females (like Bruce!). Purely scientific curiosity (I am hung up on motives).

In Palatine, Illinois one high school girl seems to complain that the physical boy can in fact view the girls while going to and from the locker room: “There is no towel over his eyes.” So what’s next: transgender female athletic coaches? Would be consistent.

As far as I can tell Obama would rather trans girls be naked in the locker with the other girls rather than be denied access altogether, if that were the choice. (CHASE EVERYBODY TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CLOWNS — YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT OUR LIVELIHOODS ANYWAY.)

The Southern states have something right for once. The liberal elite cannot possibly just revoke tens of billions of dollars from education throughout the country — impossible. $5 million was the threat to junk education in Palatine. Shouldn’t there be reaction against that? The Republicans would probably like to see federal money sucked out of education anyway. HELP THE REPUBLICANS IN EVERY WAY, WHY DON’T YOU?!


Denis Drew said...

Bare female breasts are not just about plumbing -- either -- they are more about the most personal intimacy. Actually the plumbing doesn't require all that show.

Imagine a statute banning bare breasts for male and female alike. The male section could be challenged under the "rational test": no rational relationship to a valid state objective.

Seems reminiscent of another current issue -- wherein intimate sexual privacy is threatened with intrusion by the opposite gender (physically opposite anyway -- no snark intended -- NY Times reports trans in one study had 19 times the suicide rate).

Law enforcement gets into this action too. Back in 2010 a widely reported AP story about Castle Rock Courthouse in Colorado portrayed a court officer apparently frisking a female's rear pants pockets to locate a backing for a paper label that showed up on the new scanner. Story wasn't even about the frisk -- just the introduction of airport style scanners.

Maybe it's time the legal forum in this country woke up to the norms of post-puberty sex.

Anonymous said...

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1 hour ago

Transgender personality disorder AKA gender dysmorphia is a comorbid psychological problem. Unfortunately for the PC narrative science is not on the side of the transgender community. You gender "identification" with or without cosmetic surgery does not change your chromosomal physiology. No amount of "identity" will give a man the biological and emotional experience of pms, child birth, menopause or having a monthly cycle. Much more goes into identifying as a woman than seated urination and shopping at Anthropology. I simply don't buy in to this movement.

Denis Drew said...

I've been using this comment thread to patch stuff over from my laptop which has no email.

From my PC. Finally tracked down -- the story of the swimming team girls who can no longer use the shower in the city rec center for fear of finding males in it. The story was 400+ down the comments when I read it one night on Yahoo news -- 4,000+ by morning and too late to copy it. Guess what?: it is a Time Magazine story.

Ideas Civil Rights
Even in Liberal Communities, Transgender Bathroom Laws Worry Parents
Belinda Luscombe @luscombeland May 13, 2016

Denis Drew said...

19 hours ago

Remember that the head of the ACLU recently resigned once she saw how frightened her own daughters were when confronted with trannies. A girl in a high school in Florida was recently discovered having serial consensual sex in the restroom.

1. As to "supporting the right of all people" what about the rights of the rape survivor who is often already frightened of using public facilities and could be traumatized or terrified?

2. What about the rights to a parent not ready to explain the various body parts and functions to a 4 year old?

3. What about the rights of a 15 year old already uncomfortable about her own body in the presence of others. The one that might just slip in to adjust a bra or buy a tampon?

4. The real question is where do you draw the line? A public school in Chicago has already been ordered to allow a boy in the girls locker room.

.5. And what happens when a rape survivor or someone equally frightened kills someone in genuine belief it was self defense or defense of another?

6. I have no problem shopping Walmart, Kmart or Khol's. I even read that Penny's has had a minor surge since this became a focus in national news. So, the protesters in Target are absurd and immature. Protest if you must outside the store in an non-obstructive manner if you wish to be taken seriously. You hurt your own cause.

It really is not so much the issue of transgenders that concerns most of us. It is the issue of transvestites (who cross dress for sexual arousal) taking advantage of these policies and those putting our wives and children at risk.

A bomb with no projectiles and clearly intended to do no harm? This sounds more like a prank than anything else, nothing more than Target trying to gain headlines and sympathy.

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