Monday, November 6, 2017

MUCH BETTER DEAL, if you want to make waves that everybody (anybody) notices (even the media!)

After reading this I guessed "yuppie" progressives might at last find (electoral) value trying to rebuild labor union density: "Republicans would have no place to hide."

Nothing.  So I came up with this.  3% of California voters could put making union busting a felony on the ballot -- one step to law books.

Then I read about this.  Preemption Chinese Wall -- so everybody thought.

So I came up with this.  First Amendment protection of organizing covers state labor protection for organizing when such protection is the necessary condition for organizing in that state.  Nor can fed labor law that was designed to make it safe for unions become the hermetic seal against state help -- while doing nothing (in this era) itself.

Still nothing  Then I read this piece.

MUCH BETTER DEAL, if you want to make waves that everybody (anybody) notices (even the media!).

Congress: Why Not Hold Union Representation Elections on a Regular Schedule?
Published November 1st, 2017 - Andrew Strom
Best idea yet -- play perfectly into Repub tactic to force government unions to re certify yearly.

States: Preemption bars setting up union elections.  Not prevent making union busting a felony -- per First Amendment and Congressional original intent for NLRA.

The far-out wilder each may seem to the reader per cultural inertia -- potentially the bigger the waves for everybody to (including media) to notice.  We'll see.  ???

PS.  Can't get minorities out to vote because alienated and don't expect anything for any candidate?  Let alienated voters set up their own (favorite) ballot initiative (available in some form in most states -- 12 go all the way to the law books in different steps) -- then do the "shills around the block" supporting their self-dealt hand.  Will vote Democratic while they are in there.

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