Friday, May 21, 2010

Deleterioius effects of gays in the military?

Deleterious effects of gays in the military – nothing to do with homophobia?

Human males (gay and straight) instinctively think in the third person – the only way to bring home the bacon when we depended on co-operative hunting for day-to-day survival. Fangs all gone (roots left above and below eye teeth – ask dentist :-]) – no claw vestige at all – two feet. Sharp sticks and clubs could not make up all these deficits. Taking home a decent carcass took cooperation on the inbred level of a newly hatched chick taking the first thing it sees for its mother.

Such cooperation can require an -- inbred, midbrain based, innate -- kind of identification with fellow pack members that cannot sit side-by-side with your fellow being more interested in cooperating in an act a Greenwich Village fellow once beckoned to me from a doorway as “physiologically constructive and esthetically pleasing.” How much so-called camaraderie would a gay trooper likely feel sharing a foxhole with a “creepy” female who burned to “make pain” with him more than anything else? This is about human males – not just heterosexual males.

Oddly enough – instinct which I have no control over – if I knew a fellow trooper was gay I could totally ignore it as long as he stayed in deep in the closet. But, once he came out everything would feel too much like a date (not to everybody but to many or most – to the most sensitive; not the other way around?).

Most gays in the military understand this without the sociobiology (like Kansas in reverse) and would not come out if legally allowed to. Around 1997 an article in the now defunct San Francisco magazine “City Lights” reported only one gay firefighter had come out in the San Francisco Fire Department. What is truly deleterious to gays in uniform is forcing outed gays out of uniform. There is room somewhere in our giant military where the outed wont detract from performance or (third person thinking) morale .

Gay marriage? Under constitutional equal protection civil unions represent separate but equal status. Once courts make this little insight there is only one way equal protection can go in 2010. Denial of normal marriage status is what most gays consider the most deleterious to them. Just don’t kick out the outed from the armed services.

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