Thursday, May 13, 2010

Latest thoughts on the sociobiology of school corporal punishment

Latest thoughts on the sociobiology of school corporal punishment (made from emotional equivalents, not direct definition -- what I do):

Can anyone imagine a school principal demonstrating paddling using an adult volunteer and hitting for maximum pain over and over? Forget the crazily unlikely circumstance; the point is it would INARGUABLY be too terrible an act to carry out (might be a crime -- even with a volunteer) -- ipso facto a terrible act to carry out on any person...
...which should make it inarguably a terrible act to carry out on a child. That is what all the antis are protesting about.

Especially when a child did not do anything terribly wrong: the 16 year old boy in the famous truTV video had a silly day losing track of time escorting a young girl to her class before trying to make it on time across a large campus to his class -- showing up a tiny bit late five times.
But something (sociobiology) coverts the vicious beating into everyday punishment in the mind of the school administer (only comparison I can come up with so far: enemy soldier) -- while on the other side of his midbrain (not forebrain) repeated lateness seems terribly important. To recap: the terribly important seems terribly unimportant and the terribly unimportant seems terribly important to the administrator of the beating -- not to the recipient who may terribly resent the administrator for the rest of his life (at least once he acquires grown up perspective).
More strange sociobiology (only way I can explain it) to do with paddling students:
If everyone else in my school chose (objectively terrible) paddling over (objectively unterrible) detention so would I -- too. Even though I couldn't eat or sleep for the week leading up to it -- even though I could put up with (in my actual case yet another hour :-]) of detention -- although I would never dream of choosing paddling left only to myself -- if everybody else choose paddling so would I too. And I am not talking anything to do with proving yourself tough; that would not inform me at 66 years old.

Is this some dumb form of dumb instinct to share whatever hardship the group suffers -- whatever -- no complaining? ???

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