Sunday, July 11, 2010

Questions, questions about female firefighters

Why doesn't someone find out exactly how many women firefighters have been graduated by the NYFD year in, year out since 1982 -- and then do a "where are they now"? How many have been hired in all that time, nearly 500? Why are there never more than 30 something on the force -- especially since their supporters claim they have to pass overly stringent testing?

What is the comparative drop out rate between men and women?

How many are on light duty today? I read someplace back in the '80s that 12 out of first 38 (that's the number the story quoted) NYFD female firefighters immediately opted for light duty like public relations right out of the academy.
Jan. 10, 1983 New York Magazine cover story on rookie female firefighter by Michael Daly.

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