Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My candidate for #1 TSA shock story on the internet: rape victim intimately groped by male agent

Why all the fuss on the internet over a little boy whose father actually took his shirt off for him or over males who were intimately touched inside the clothing or females horrified to be enhance-frisked by female agents ...

... when the numero uno internet shocker should be
http://pncminnesota.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/rape-survivor-devasted-by-tsa-enhanced-pat-down ...

This happened in Chicago -- second city -- where you would think personnel density would present no shortage of female agents. If this can in Chicago it can happen anywhere -- and from other reports it seems to be considered routine by TSA agents.

Are these stories left behind for lack of video? If so I plead with anti-groping activists to prepare their own videos ranging from at least a person talking about what they read or (probably the most effective) visual recreations of the worst media reports.

Related issue: if male TSA agents feel free to routinely grope females (which should be recognized as a violent felony by the Obama administration from now on -- immediately! -- some journalist ask Obama please) when there are supposedly too few females on hand (pun intended) how much more free do non-TSA, private contractor X-ray viewers -- who we cannot view in return -- feel to view naked images of the opposite sex??

http://wewontfly.com/judy-in-denver-several-agents-stood-in-a-group-laughing-at-us Third paragraph down: “The person viewing you is in another room. You won’t know if it’s a man or woman”?

If these stories don't move to number one concern why should anyone care about anything?

PS. wewontfly.com has 16,483 Facebook fans. Opps; make that 16,495 -- I just took another look. Opps; make that 16,499.

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