Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Suppose Osama blackmailed us with...

I have a right to be in public anywhere (EVEN AT THE AIRPORT!) without being stripped or intimately groped without probable cause. What are airports some kind of normal-human-emotions-don't-exist zone?

... even if there were the the most compelling of practical reasons ...

There is an extremely practical reason to allow police to randomly frisk any young male (especially) they wish to. This would end all gang violence in the poorest neighborhoods and make Americans who live there feel much less like they are permanent prisoners in their own homes (I fully understand; I'm originally from the Bronx). But the Constitution has some very pointed things to say about it because we don't want to live in a police state.

Imagine if Osama threatened America with an airliner brought down if we did not electronically strip search 3 million men and women every day all over the country and have strangers aggressively grope all the private areas of 100,000 men and WOMEN in public. Would you give in to that threat? Imagine after we gave in to such mass ugliness an airliner went down anyway -- and Obama laughed and said I fooled you; I sent that bomber in from outside the country just like the last two -- foolish Americans! (Or maybe he really found a 300 "martyr" -- have to investigate if there were any obese Islamic passengers on the downed plane.)

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