Saturday, December 4, 2010

Automatic TSA poll results -- automatic TSA legal results?

Automatic poll result should be: 95% oppose opposite sex remote viewing of nearly naked (pubic hair missing) airline passengers if separate lines for each gender is a practical alternative. 99.9% support separate sex scanners for their wives, daughters and son. A poll suggestion: how many Americans understand that opposite-sex viewing is the norm?

Should be automatic court test result: not separating genders for scanning when the alternative is easy (anybody sensible would say even if it isn't) is the equivalent of putting a camera in a stranger's shower room -- even if you never see the stranger in person: a serious felony under local law with adults, under federal law with children.

Should be automatic result of constitutional test: unneeded opposite sex naked imaging is the very definition of unreasonable search.
Should be automatic result of constitutional test: unneeded opposite sex intimate touching is the very definition of the very definition. Even if you say you can force her to miss the plane you may not make "the deal" to borrow a phrase from an old taxi driver's magazine article.

Criminal prosecution leading from the above results: once employees have been notified (policy need not wait): crossing the gender line, looking or touching, will result in full prosecution.

Has Janet Napolitano been intimately frisked by a male TSA worker yet? Would she want her teenage daughters to be ogled by male remote viewers when two lines work as easily as one? Has somebody asked her? Did anybody ask the American people?

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