Thursday, December 2, 2010

DADT and unit cohesion: no problem EVEN if I know he is in the closet -- AS LONG as he stays there

I used to take a more pop-psychology approach to DADT and simply say straight male camaraderie is based on one-dimensional "shared interest" and simply state that gay males represent the opposite of such, so automatically cancel it out.

But, if I were in the army and I knew a soldier was in the closet (in point of fact I would recognize many -- do everywhere else) I would not be one bit less friendly with him than others -- nor be significantly embarrassed to shower with him (maybe a little quicker). OTW, if he came out I could not act in the same friendly manner towards him ...

...let's take a moment out to specify I am talking in front-line type, fighting type units, not in the Pentagon -- not in an office in other words -- where the undefinable camaraderie (indefinable should be no surprise -- this all takes place in the midbrain which forebrains seem to have little access too -- goes for shrinks too) is necessary ...

because now I am deathly afraid he will see much more in my friendliness. Now normally embarrassed about sexual privacy, too. Sensitives like this are like salt: you can add but you really can't subtract. No amount of indoctrination is going to make them go away.

25 years ago I read a causal remark in Armed Forces Journal (getting myself current in the military over 5 years) that officers have to be good looking to get promoted. I guess you have to prepare carefully to get people to charge a machine gun nest against their own interest. All this care and preparation saves lives -- or if it takes lives gets the job done.
"Voit-comp test" for gay or straight: do you see the big ego exclusively in males and not in females (straight) -- or the other way around (gay). Nothing more to it (AC/DCs may be in between). Sexual lightning takes the path of least resistance, that's all. Not sure if most shrinks know this either.

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