Saturday, December 25, 2010

Really-really effective Israeli security -- in the air and on the ground -- get Israeli settlers out of the Palestinian homeland

A proposal for really-really effective Israeli security -- both in airport and even (especially?) on the ground: get our "51st state", Israel, the hell out of Islam's "51st state" what was left of the Palestinian homeland, the West Bank and Gaza, after Israel gouged out 80% of it in 1949 after the U.N. okayed only 55%): so we don't have to trade any more American skyscrapers for Israeli settlements.

Cheaper than spending the $150 billion a year to institute Israeli type security in American airports -- $500 a year for every man woman and child (they only bomb us on the ground if they are already here anyway). We already spent $200 billion in military aid to Israel over the past 40 years to make sure they have the "Indians" surrounded. In thanks for providing Israel security 400,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank -- more every day -- are creating a fury on the Arab street that grows every day as the numbers of "ethnic cleansers" in the occupied territories grow.

Click here for Uri Anvery's Christmas message about the daily depredations against Palestinians as told in a new book "The Occupation of the Territories" (not yet on Amazon) reporting the experiences of hundreds of young Israeli soldiers -- purposely no atrocities; only grinding, growing day in day out degradation of Islamic "natives."

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