Saturday, December 25, 2010

Single question whose variations cover all TSA sexual invasion situations

Having previously worked out in a previous post on my blogspot that males frisking males (includes same-sex attracted males frisking males) is ipso facto a criminal action (already written laws — Fourth Amendment need not exist) then all other TSA sexually invasive security questions comes down to variations of the following: in a small airport where only 3 or 4 male TSA agents are on duty with as yet no scanner would it be (is it now — this situation exists across the country) legally permissible to simply prevent the woman from boarding without a frisk or is it legally permissible to perform on her what that state’s criminal law defines as a violent sexual crime as a condition of boarding (not just which is more harmful but what is legally permissible)?

More on this as I work out the angles.

Law cases establish and Eighth Amendment right against sentenced male inmates being viewed nude by female guards: cruel and unusual punishment -- while actually stating no precedent yet exists under the Fourth Amendment! Guess females had better travel as sentenced prisoners!

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