Monday, November 7, 2011


How to make fun of the Big Lie [spread now by Mayor Bloomberg]:

A few poor people in our ghettos are blamed for bringing down the entire financial world -- our toxic mortgage packs were sold overseas too. Too bad the poor never understood their power; they could have threatened not to pay their mortgages and forced concessions across the economic landscape (forget about riots)!

Mad King Bloomberg's construction company in my old Bronx neighborhood:
Closed down the Concourse court house which is too beautiful to tear down empty -- closed down the BRAND NEW (when I was going there with neighborhood kids in the late '70s) courthouse down the hill -- after building a half billion dollar (today's money) new replacement AFTER CRIME MORE THAN HALVED.

Built the new Yankee Stadium across the street from the old one -- on top of a track and field used by 39 schools -- never tore down the old one to rebuild the track and field. Never fear; when enough yuppies take over the neighborhood, like they are taking Harlem, the track and field will surely be rebuilt and to much higher (yuppie) standards (see all new waterfront parks in lower yuppie land).

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