Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heavy, heavy (human pack hunter male) stupid social intinct

It all -- from the TSA to low wages to every other crazy thing done to Americans while they never fight back (when you are in a European airport do you really wish they had the kind of rope your genital security they have here?) -- boils down to our post-apocalyptic American labor market -- as in total deunionization. Organized labor is what (should be) watching the store in Washington, our state capitols and city councils -- because we are too busy living our own lives.

There is -- theoretically -- a perfect answer (here we go again; you know what's coming): LEGALLY MANDATED, SECTOR WIDE LABOR AGREEMENTS -- which wherever they are instituted for over half a century and around the world (first, second and third) seem to perfectly balance power between ownership and labor -- and -- supply the average person with all the political muscle (read finance) they need to go along with their overwhelming majority votes.

Yet you will never never never get any human male progressive economist between the ponds to say the words "sector wide agreements" out loud.

I have a social instinct theory to explain that. The (pea sized) human male midbrain (social brain) is so heavily slaved to cooperate with its immediate hunting pack members that any new idea that has to spread even one layer beyond the pack to be effective is instantly discarded -- with no consideration of its merits. The human male very instinctively (and unconsciously) thinks in terms of individually spreading any new idea to a pack of 300 million (in America's case) – recognizes that to be physically impossible – and instantly guillotines the new idea. It's all down to heavy heavy stupid social instinct.

Human females on the other hand – instinctively individual gatherers (nuts and berries) – are able to think for themselves. Is not that they are receptive or more easily intimidated that they consider any new idea on its actual merits – it is that they do not have a heavy heavy stupid social instinct instantly freezing their (giant) forebrains.

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