Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zimmerman -- not guilty -- slam dunk!

There seems no doubt a roll on the ground fight occurred between Zimmerman and Martin. A larger, older man with a gun does not get threatened enough by skinny kid to throw the first punch (unless he's a biker bar bouncer) -- an underweight kid easily gets threatened enough by an encroaching adult. A 17 year old boy can put up a "shark feeding frenzy" of a fight -- it's just hormones. Once you accept the boy likely hit first you are forced to take the word of only person who survived the fight: slam dunk -- not guilty.

If he gets a fair trial.

PS. I'm the one trying to spread the (eighth-grade math) word that if New York police upped frisking 6X after crime went down 4X, then, New York police are now frisking 24X as much per reported crime: slam dunk -- unconstitutional.

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Denis Drew said...


"Wow.. this case gets better and better by the minute. They file murder charges based on conversation between Trayvon and his girlfiend that's in Miami.. LMAO and because Trayvons mother says it was her son yelling -- even funnier.. Then the affidavit states Zimmerman chased him down. Below is the actual 911 call from Zimmerman and clearly proves Zimmerman stoped chasing him. The tape clearly proves Martin had over 1 minute and 30 seconds to make it home and by the way his home was 100 yds away. So I guess a 6'0 160 lb football player from Miami cant run 100 yard dash in 1 min and 30 seconds.. LMAO.. This is a waste of taxpayers money. I can be GZ legal counsel and he'll be found not guilty. Listen to the tape and it proves the affidavit is a bunch of BS andi belive the prosecutor doesn't file because of media pressure! LMAO

For the last time, simply listen to George Zimmerman's 911 tape.
That tape proves the following:
1) Trayvon Martin had an 8 second (about 60 to 80 yard) head start before George Zimmerman left his SUV.
2) George Zimmerman only pursued Trayvon Martin for about 12 seconds.
3) George Zimmerman stopped pursuing Trayvon Martin within 2 seconds after the 911 operator told him that he didn't need to follow him.
4) Zimmerman then spent the next 1 minute and 30 seconds talking to the dispatcher not pursuing, during in which Trayvon Martin could have easily run FAR AWAY.
Don't believe me? Just go listen to the tape. Here is what you hear:
2.06 - 2.14:
Trayvon starts to run. Zimmerman still in his SUV.
2.14 - 2:26:
Zimmerman pursues Trayvon on foot.
2.26 – 2.29:
Dispatcher says that he doesn't need to follow. Zimmerman says "Okay". He is winded. And stops running.
2.27 - 4:11:
Zimmerman is stopped and catching his breath. He reports that the suspect "ran off" at 2:39. He is talking to the dispatcher for the next ONE MINUTE and THIRTY SECONDS.
If anyone can dispute these facts, please be my guest...
Simply go to the Zimmerman 911 call. The link is:" [NO LINK]