Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is New York's stop-and-frisk disease all about ethinic cleansing -- or plain foolishness -- or both?

Next spring I may return to New York (after 30+ years absence) to cure New York City of stop-and-frisk disease – by organizing folks there to walk up to police and take their IDs off their badges (mimicking police asking citizens to ID) and then ask them one of more questions that make them feel uncomfortable (too). 

The likely question : “What is your private address?”  There are laws preventing the publishing of cops’ personal addresses – for obvious reasons.  But a legislature could not constitutionally pass a law preventing asking the question -- most especially if the question has a political aim. 

(Male) police may react fiercely to the question (note: females don't have the balls -- to make them want to react fiercely anyway), but that is not a true measure.  Look at the question as a "tickle."  When we are tickled we feel vulnerable but we really are not.  The political aim to to educate New York City police to stop ruining everybody’s sense of freedom with unwarranted (pun intended) personal intrusions -- by giving them a harmless taste.

Another ploy to give cops a bad taste about stop-and-frisk disease is to point out that New York’s mayor enthusiastically supports his ethnic group’s criminally brutal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from even the remaining 22% of their historical homeland the 1949 partition which was supposed to leave them 45% but the Jews grabbed 78% instead.  

(Am I an anti-Semite? No: but I am not an ethnic cleansing "denier" -- as in not a Holocaust "denier."  I am not afraid to embarrass Jews over here to get Israel to behave over there -- better for them here in the long run.  Right now, Jews here are being tarred with the actions of rouge Israel.  If you switched the 6 million Jews here with the 6 million there -- Israel would never cause trouble again.  The Jews here would never act like the crazy Jews over there [only 1 1/2% from US] -- but support Jews there.  Everybody understands their absentee amorality on Israel -- aren't we all guilty?  Embarrassing them here while -- explaining the difference -- is the only thing that will make a difference there -- and wont hurt them here.  And now back to our regular program.)

The only practical consequence of making 24X as many stops per reported crime (6X as many stops after something like a 4X drop in crime) is making the poorer ethnic groups’ lives (even more) difficult.  Could New York’s self-made, billionaire mayor be so foolish as not to understand that? 

Sad to say he could be that foolish.  In first years of this century – after crime had dropped 4X -- the Mad Mayor Bloomberg built a new $400 million dollar courthouse in the Bronx – right next door to the old-new $120 million courthouse that had been opened in 1977 to take the crimewave overflow from the stately not-so-old landmark courthouse up the street.  He built another $670 million dollar courthouse in Brooklyn -- after crime dropped 4X.

So Mayor Bloomberg could be a complete fool, about crime and justice -- or he could be a make-room-for-more-yuppies (now moving in on Harlem and the South Bronx) ethnic cleanser – or both.  Nice choice.  

Watching this video reminded of the racist Chicago I arrived in back in 1980.  Now Chicago has been cool racially for a very long time -- but this video makes me wonder if New York City has gone the way of the old Chicago.  ???

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