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Should gay males who admit attraction to boys be scout leaders (or school basketball coaches, etc.)?

Should gay men who admit attraction to boys be scout leaders (or school basketball coaches, etc.)?  Even "pretend-liberals" should be able to figure out the rest out for themselves.

In a lifetime of observations -- I usually know who is in the closet (Mr. voit-comp) -- most gay males I have known have "light up" around early pubescent girls.  I'm not saying they molest them -- not at all -- but it illustrates they have a problem and it is not just shortage of male partners (maybe especially if they are in closet) that can make their sex drive cross normal border lines looking for fulfillment.

Gay males also do not get enough of something else they need from fellow males (gay or straight).  Females give a lot of recognition -- I know you're there; I know you're there -- like a light house that keeps going off.  Males do not give that much of that (even gays to gays).  I believe the classic understanding is that this lack makes gay males go more hedonistic -- heavily into their pastrami sandwiches or whatever -- for compensation.

This can lead to some pretty bizarre compulsions.  When I first showed up in San Francisco in late 1996 the sneaky feel scene was unbelievable.  I had to keep my hands behind my back like I was handcuffed while browsing the shelves at the public library or inevitably the light touch would brush across my back (first time I remember was at the motor vehicle, bent over a shelf, filling out a form -- infuriating).  It was 100 times out of 100 -- and, the opposite of the bar scene, age and condition meant nothing.

When gays first made a move on the Boy Scouts back then I "panicked" and wrote and described this zany scene to Pat Robertson's ACLJ -- whom I addressed as "homophobes" BTW; I'm not; I just understand that gay males are every inch males -- also the early pubescent girl thing.  The drive dropped after that -- Pat and company confront them in the background?

A month after I sent said letter, in January, later I returned to San Francisco for three months -- one of them got me within five hours; in front of the checkout at the hardware store in the first block of Fourth Street (across from the Marriott) -- the light brush -- nothing but room to pass behind.

Next January I returned for seven months.  Somebody must have put it to them (Pat's folks?): perfect behavior.  No more leaning out of the way on the bus to let your girl friend by and then leaning hard up against you as you pass. 

But, next to last time I was in San Francisco: for four months every other gay male who rode in my taxicab had to pat on the soft part of the shoulder two or three times at some point in the ride -- or alternately extend their hand hard against the same place waiting for their change.  Not sex but intimacy.  Infuriating, but I didn't have the heart to tell them; they would have felt so mortified (which I might have mollified by assuring them that we -- heterosexuals -- see and accept men as predators, not as nice girls). 

(This would be a good spot to note that homosexuals of both sexes see the big, giant, overweening ego in females and completely miss it in males -- seems the core difference -- programmed between 3 and 6 years old.) 

Last time I was there for four months (2004/) it had stopped.  Somebody put it to them again?

I have always assumed that most gay males are attracted to boys.  I have been spotting boys and men since I was a boy -- propositioned between the lines to join the fun (nothing is between to Mr. voit-comp) by a 14 year old boy on my paper route.  About 25 years ago I witnessed two uniformed Chicago cops grabbing at the butt of a 15 year old boy on a bike about 15 times -- easy to figure out.  About a mile away was a store where I believed one of the two owners was running delivery boys -- or the boys were running themselves (sounds like a logical opportunity if you understand that 10% of males are gay; maybe even another 10% are serious switch-hitters).

It's just what they do.  The young boys have the bodies and the old men have the money and the toys.  Sound familiar?

Even if a gay male thinks he is not attracted to boys (most, I have always assumed, are extremely attracted) when he is surrounded by 25 boys he may find he has a change of mind. 

Age 13, I heard an openly gay male admonish another openly gay male against approaching a very young teen: "Don't play with fire and you wont get burned."

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