Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to survive standard (not nailed) Roman crucifixion

How to survive standard (nail-less) Roman crucifixion.

Mostly all Roman crucifixions were performed by tying up your wrists up, not nailing them up.  When you no longer had the strength, after several hours, to lift you rib cage to breath you died.

When I was a kid my father showed me that he breathed raising his stomach instead of his chest, keeping his abs in perfect shape without exercise.  Breathing through your stomach might not be, shall we say, a load bearing exercise while you are crucified.

You'd still have to fake being dead somehow.  After a few hours the soldiers come around to break the legs on anyone still breathing -- to hang more weight on their arms I suppose.  Then there is that nasty old spear through the heart thing.

If you make it to burial -- and your legs haven't been broken -- you can make a mad dash for it.  The ditch digging slaves probably wont put out much effort if any at all.  The soldiers will be too weighed down with armor.  Can't do anything about recovering your belongings that the soldiers gambled for.

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