Saturday, October 6, 2012

California forgot to outlaw the other "Reparative Therapy" ;-)

Now that California has outlawed psychotherapy for people under 18 to remove attraction to the same sex ... 
... the state must follow through with the converse issue: whether or not to outlaw psychotherapy to add attraction to the opposite sex -- to go AC/DC; which is actually practical. 

In the late 1970s, I inquired of a random Bronx psychiatrist (not silly NARTH which seem to have no clue what gay is) whether gays could become straight.  His words were: "I can treat a homosexual so they can make it with a sympathetic member of the opposite sex."

The difference between gay and straight in my observation is whether you perceive the "self-important, territorial ego" in males or females -- apparently all painted on reality in either case.  Anybody who gets in my (self-important) space with no idea in the world they are getting in my (self-important, territorial) space always turns out to be gay.

Just as guess; maybe pointing out the incongruity of a male seeing only in members of the opposite sex the ego image he recognizes in himself -- and pointing out that 90% of the world sees it the other way around -- could be one angle to work.  

(No need for gays to freak -- if there were no such thing as sex, such a mix up would only be seen as a quirk -- heteros don't have it exactly accurate either or course.  Another no-freak note -- AC/DCs don't worry about being attracted to their own sex anymore than the opposite; one big sex world to them; I don't think they sweat homophobia much either.)

Another therapy angle?: males, not just gay males, do not give the kind of recognition that females give -- "I know you're there; I know you're there -- constantly blinking like a lighthouse.  Males need this or they feel lonely (leading gay males to be somewhat more hedonistic to make up for it I believe).  Pointing to women as a social resource to make up this lack might be a angle; just guessing. 

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