Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sandusky and his like -- looking for power not sex?

"... child molesters spend years grooming both children and adults, testing limits, and then pushing past them so slowly that it is very difficult to recognize when they have finally, definitely crossed the line."  From: "The Cost of Costly Punishment" by Megan McCardle.

It occurred to me shortly after reading this article that (I am sort of mister "voit-comp" -- I know all what's going on all around me) that I have been spotting boys and men all my life -- consensual connections.  If you are gay and into boys there are plenty of males -- 10% if you believe Kinsey; I do -- hitting the age of puberty, desperately looking for who of that 10% they can spot.  Without getting into it, once boys and therefore obviously men figure out what to look for, they "get together" as I used to hear the phrase around Times Square, decades ago.

The boys and men are like the young girl and the old man: one has the young body and the other has the money and the toys (car).  I was propositioned -- between the lines -- about getting into something with an old man on my teenage paper route -- by a 14 year old boy.  Michael Jackson did not need to molest for sex: if 3000 boys were going through his ranch every year, 300 of them saw things his way (and were too deeply in the closet to tell), not to mention another 300 AC/DC (Kinsey).

So why do Sandusky types work so hard to sneak up on unwilling victims when there is so much socially available?  Must be pedophile molesters want an unwilling victim.  Maybe it is the thrill of the hunt.  Rape is supposed to be about power, not sex.

While we are at it, priestly celibacy cannot induce whatever makes child molesters tick. 

Thoughts for today.

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